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MED 609

The goal of the job is to install trunk water mains to provide connections from four different shafts of City Water Tunnel #3 to New York City’s distribution network. The work, a combination of four different projects, involves the installation of 48-inch, 36-inch, 20-inch and 12-inch water mains-shafts 24B, 25B, 27B and 30B. 

The work is being performed under the streets of Manhattan in four high-profile and challenging areas: around Lincoln Center, in the West 50s / Theatre District area; Grand Street, in Soho; and in the far west side of Lower Manhattan. This is the largest contract ever let by New York City Department of Design and Construction.

This project is being performed by Waterworks, a joint venture of Judlau and OHL USA. The contract includes:

  • Installation of roughly 18,600 Linear Feet (LF) of trunk water main, 28,500 LF of distribution water main and 6,400 LF of sewer replacement and rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of structures to accommodate the replacement of pumps, controllers, electrical services, communication systems, discharge lines, and pressure relief manholes
  • Work for private utility companies

Benefits to the community

The construction of City Tunnel #3 began over 50 years ago. This project will provide a third tunnel from upstate reservoirs to provide water to New York City. The construction of this tunnel will permit the closure and rehabilitation of Tunnels #1 and #2.

This particular contract provides trunk water main connections from each of four shafts from the tunnel to connect to the existing distribution network. The contract also includes the replacement and upgrading of existing distribution water mains (providing domestic supply), as well as other related facilities such as sewers, drainage and street restoration.