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Maritime projects

Cabecera Maritime Proyects

OHL started as a builder of ports and related maritime structures in 1912, when its parent Obrascón was awarded two projects in Lisbon, Portugal, the Alcántara Platform in the Port of Lisbon, and the Western Pier in the Port of Santos. OHL still holds a leading position in port infrastructure through its subsidiary, Sociedad Anónima Trabajos y Obras (SATO).

Over the last century, OHL has constructed more than 500 projects that include more than 18 miles of shelter dykes, 20 miles of piers, and more than 26 million cubic yards of concrete boxes, blocks, and superstructures. This work has also entailed 78 million cubic yards of dredging and 54 million cubic yards of filling.

In the United States, OHL USA rehabilitated a container terminal in Jacksonville Port, Florida.