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Water resources

Cabecera Water Services

OHL’s international experience includes the construction of more than 90 dams, as well as numerous water resource projects. Since it completed its first dam, the Albiña Dam in Navarra, Spain, in 1945, OHL has developed the technical capacity to provide solutions for all hydraulic development needs, including:

  • Execution of large dams
  • Energy generation (hydropower)
  • Supply and sewage
  • Water treatment for human and agricultural use
  • River channeling
  • Regulation of river flows
  • Flood control

OHL has constructed more than 90 large dams, including:

  • Colbún-Machicura hydroelectric complex, Chile
  • Supply points in the basin of the Dyje River, parts A and B. Břeclav, Czech Republic
  • Val Dam, Zaragoza, Spain
  • Arenós Dam, Castellón, Spain
  • Riaño Dam, León, Spain
  • Búrdalo Dam, Cáceres, Spain

In the United States, OHL USA has constructed the replacement of the Existing Water Siphons between Brooklyn and Staten Island for the New York City Department of Design & Construction. This project involves the construction of a new potable water transmission main (siphon) beneath New York Harbor between the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. The new 9,440-foot, 72-inch steel water main contains within a concrete lined, 12-foot 4-inch excavated diameter bored EPB TBM tunnel. In addition, the project is constructing shafts on both sides of the harbor, water transmission mains, new distribution water mains, two 84-inch micro-tunnels, mini-pile supports, sewer replacements, a chlorination building, and related infrastructure.