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The Auditing, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility Commission guarantees the confidentiality of anybody using the ethical communications channel.

The OHL Group guarantees an adequate management of all complaints received, which will be treated on a totally confidential basis in accordance with the internal procedure of the complaints channel, monitored by OHL’s Auditing, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility Commission.

All complaints received will be duly analyzed, in an unbiased and confidential manner, through a platform directed and supervised by the Auditing, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility Commission.  This platform may only be accessed by the Head of Compliance and Vice-Secretary of the Commission, who will in no event disclose a bona fide complainant’s identity, unless his/her express consent is provided or this is required by the competent authorities, in which case the complainant will be previously informed.

The Group executes any and all applicable disciplinary, sanctioning and judicial processes to full fruition.

At any time, the complainant may abandon or withdraw his/her complaint, through this same channel, providing the reference number assigned.

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