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Magnolia Grade Separation

Magnolia Avenue is a four-lane arterial highway that provides primary access to commercial, industrial and residential land uses in the Home Gardens Community of Riverside County, which neighbors the City of Riverside to the East and City of Corona to the north and west.

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) at grade crossing currently exists on Magnolia Avenue between Lincoln Street and Buchanan Street. The Riverside County Transportation Department proposes to grade separate the current at-grade crossing by raising the roadway over the railroad and constructing a six-lane capacity bridge that will span over the railroad tracks.

The project is centered on the construction of a 1,460 foot long bridge which crosses over an existing BNSF rail road. Construction of the bridge structure is planned to be done during the 4th stage. BNSF prohibits construction over the tracks during the 4th quarter of the year. Additionally, there will be six retaining walls constructed, five of which will be mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. Existing utilities are to be relocated prior to structure construction. 

Benefits to society

By raising the roadway over the railroad tracks we will eliminate train versus auto crossing conflict and will reduce congestion and traffic delays.

Once the train, vehicle and pedestrian separation is accomplished the vehicle and pedestrian safety will increase exponentially and the emergency services responses will eliminate the delays linked to trains on this route.

Train engineers are required to slow down the engines for every at grade crossing due to regulations and safety, with the completion of the project the train engineer will be able to maintain the speed limit through the crossing which in turn will facilitate safer regional commercial and commuter rail transportation in better times and with less obstacles.

Innovative false work system

Traffic will be longitudinally underneath the bridge while under construction and the engineer will have to design as specific false work system that will accommodate the traffic.