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State Route 91 & 55 Widening

California Department of Transportation, District 12 contracted OHL to build a major improvement to State Route 91 in Anaheim, California. The project is extending a westbound lane from the northbound State Route 55/west bound SR-91 connector through the Tustin Avenue Interchange and reconstructing the west bound auxiliary lane from east of the north bound SR-55/WB SR-91 connector to the Tustin Avenue off-ramp.

This project includes widening the Santa Ana Bridge and constructing nine retaining walls, including five standard and four special design walls, along the westbound of SR-91. 

Benefits to society

Approximately 190,000 vehicles per day will be benefit from this development because it will expand freeway capacity, minimize roadway deficiencies, and comply with legislative mobility improvement objectives.

The proposed project will relieve existing weaving, merging, and diverging deficiencies between the connector and the Tustin Avenue off-ramp, increasing safety.

This development will improve existing and future mobility by reducing congestion.

Improvement of Major SR Interchange

SR 91 is a major east-west freeway located in Southern California, extending from Interstate 10 in the City of Gardena in Los Angeles County  to the east through Orange County, where it intersects Interstate 5 and SRs 55, 57, and 241. SR-91 extends further northeast beyond the project limits to the City of Riverside.

SR-55 is a local north-south freeway located in Orange County, that extends from the City of Newport Beach on the south to SR-91 to the north. SR-55 intersects State Route 73, Interstate 405, I-5 and State Route 22, and terminates at SR-91, in the City of Anaheim.

Within the project limits on SR-91 there are three general-purpose travel lanes and the continuation of the SR-91 FasTrak lane on SR-91 immediately east of SR-55, approaching the project area. The northbound SR-55 to west bound SR-91 connector have two lanes that merge into an auxiliary lane on SR-91. The auxiliary lane becomes an exit-only lane to the Tustin Avenue off-ramp.