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Wilmington Avenue Interchange Modifications at I-405 Freeway

The Wilmington Avenue Interchange is the first project undertaken by OHL USA in California. Located in Los Angeles County, the project entails working on the Interstate 405, a major North-South corridor and the busiest freeway in the United States.  Administered by the City of Carson, the project will modify the I-405 Freeway & Wilmington Avenue Interchange.

The project will add a new on-ramp to the 405 freeway, build retaining walls and sound walls, widen the 405 Freeway over the Dominguez Channel, retrofit and widen the bridge at 223rd Street, rebuild the roadway and intersections along Wilmington Avenue, and include other miscellaneous site improvements such as landscaping.

Benefits to society

Wilmington Avenue is a major corridor to the Port of Los Angeles. This project will ease congestion by accommodating a higher volume of vehicular traffic.

The architectural finishes on the bridge, retaining walls and soundwalls will enhance the Interchange’s aesthetics by adding appealing visual elements.

Soundwalls will be placed to muffle traffic noise generated by one of the busiest freeways.

Restricted Mobility in Areas of Commercial and Industrial High Traffic

The project has many complex aspects including working in the Dominguez Channel and working around underground and overhead utilities.