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Design Build Project for Central Boulevard Widening Realignment & Service Loop

Central Boulevard is the gateway to the Miami International Airport (MIA). It is the main roadway carrying commercial and commuter traffic in and out of this busy airport. OHL Community Asphalt is working closely with Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and Miami Dade Aviation Department to reconstruct Central Boulevard and its service roads while maintaining the high volume of passenger and commercial flow.

This project entails the construction of 10 bridges, road construction, mechanically stabilized earth walls, drainage, signalization, lighting, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) -including closed circuit television and dynamic message signing - and landscaping. OHL Community Asphalt is using several carefully planned maintenance of traffic phases, to complete construction in this high profile area. Public involvement and an emergency management plan have both proven successful.

Benefits to the community

  • The project will improve traffic into and out Miami International Airport
  • New service roads will separate commercial and commuter traffic
  • The project will reduce congestion and improve alignments