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State Road 826/836 Interchange

OHL Community Asphalt, as a joint venture member, was awarded the largest interchange project in Miami. Never before had the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) released a design-build-finance project of this size and budget. As with most highway projects, but especially one of this magnitude, maintaining the existing traffic flow was one of the largest challenges faced.

Section 5 of the Palmetto Improvement Program project began in 2009, and involved the construction of a system-to-system interchange between State Road 826/Palmetto Expressway and State Road 836/Dolphin Expressway. Capacity improvements include the reconstruction and widening of approximately one mile of both State Road 826 and State Road 836, and the construction of 34 bridges.

The project will provide new direct ramps for major movements and collector-distributor ramps to remedy existing geometric and operational deficiencies. FDOT’s District Six Transportation Management Center (TMC) is playing a critical role during the six-year construction phase by enhancing its incident management resources along the interchange. The TMC manages these resources, as well as temporary and permanent Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Benefits for society

The new direct connection from State Road-826 to State Road-836 will enhance safety, and increase both capacity and efficiency for motorists using the interchange. The interchange will allow drivers direct access, thereby reducing travel time.

New bridges over the future NW 7 Street and NW 82 Avenue will provide for future connections under the reconstructed highway.

ITS cameras and sensors will facilitate real-time traffic updates, and assist in the rapid deployment of first responders and FDOT Road Rangers to clear disabled and accident vehicles from travel lanes.