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Henry Hudson Bridge Lower Level Deck Replacement

Judlau Contracting was the general contractor for this 44-month project, which involved a partial reconstruction of the Henry Hudson Bridge over the Harlem River. The overall scope of the project included replacing the entire lower level four lane main span bridge deck with new prefabricated steel grid deck panels, replacement of the existing concrete framed north approach structure with a new steel framed concrete shell and deck structure, and performing structural steel repairs, upgrades and enhancements to the steel superstructure. Approximately 77,000 square feet of deck was replaced in the 1,540-foot-long main span, working within four individual stages of single hard lane closures. The existing deck was non-composite reinforced concrete, while the new deck was a steel grid deck, with cast-in-place infill and a 2-inch overfill riding surface.

Over 825 tons of new structural steel were installed on this project, of which over 90 tons were to install new features (maintenance and inspection platforms), 190 tons for replacement of tower truss members, 180 tons for component repairs to stringers, floor beams and fascia girders, and over 365 tons for upgraded or replaced members: new stringers, floor beams, stringer to floor beam supports, and seismic retrofits to columns.

The replacement of the concrete framed structure in the north approach was a complex sequence of operations, which required Judlau to maintain structural capacity to both the upper and lower levels of the structure, while replacing the concrete structure in stages. This involved partial installation of the new structure (columns and floor beams) inside the existing structure, a multi-step jack and load transfer procedure to support the upper level columns, and completion of the new structure (stringers) and reinforced concrete deck by stage. The new concrete shell and structure (270 feet by 50 feet) included placement of over 1,600 cubic yards of new high performance concrete for footings, retaining walls, curtain walls and deck. In addition, Judlau performed concrete repairs to the existing south approach structure.

Benefits to society

  • Upgraded the rating of the lower level deck (HS-15 to HS-20) and installed a new deck with a service life of 50 years
  • Seismic retrofitted and upgraded the rating of the new north approach structure (HS-15 to HS-20)