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Harris County US 290 Segment 4

US 290 is the main freeway between Houston and the Texas capital in Austin. While I 10 goes from Houston to San Antonio, US 290 remains the largest and most traveled route between Central and Eastern Texas, which has resulted in the highway receiving more attention from the construction industry within the past few years. Segment 4 is part of a large overhaul by TxDOT to widen and repair the highway as both Austin and Houston have grown steadily, with projections showing even more growth. Segment 4 is more than two miles long with over one half mile of bridge structure. The project involves a total reconstruction of this existing highway segment, including road and bridge work, drainage, and traffic control.

Benefits for society

Improvements to this roadway will accommodate the rapidly increasing populations of Houston, Austin, and the communities in between. It also lays the groundwork for future Houston projects, including the eventual conversion of parts of US 290 into a tollway.